X-Bravo Punching Machines

Simple, essential, precise, reliable and cost-effective
The frame deflections, typical in all press brakes, are electronically controlled during variation of the force used, thus guaranteeing a centesimal positioning and consequently a precise and constant angle.

Self balancing and crowning system
This system compensates the deflections of the lower beam; it is synchronized with the G-Flex device; during bending phase, although lengths and positioning of parts varies, parallelism is still guaranteed. Programming or parameters are required by the operator throught CNC.

The X-BRAVO press brakes are equipped with avant-garde safety systems. Further to the respect of the CE rules and certifications, the technical solutions such as the “DPS Laser Beam”, electronic and hydraulic redundant systems guarantees safety without compromising the comfort of the operator.

Such safety devices are adjustable in height to simplify the tool extraction: further they are supplied with scale which are useful for the correct positioning of the laser beam in respect to the top tool.

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