Brand New Model!
With the RAINER technology the Punching System has become an electrical axis with high characteristics of accuracy, speed and reliability

Thanks to these characteristics RAINER punch press centres are confirmed among the more interseting machines on the sheet metal working market.

The reliability of RAINER technology is based on the quality of the components used, on the brilliant design simplicity of assembly; the system is activated by high power torque motor.

CNC Control

The cooperation with the best numerical controls' producers have led the development of an extremely advanced software for the management of RAINER punch press centres and machining cycles. The user interface is simple and complete.
The numerical control is available with a network card and it is preset for the "telediagnosys". The machine can be integrated in the user’s network and it is present for remote access.

Programming Software
The programming software LAG-RAINER CAM is an advanced modular and expandable software, available is different configuration.

The user interface, the ease of programming and configurability are the most peculiar and appreciated characteristics of the LAG-RAINER-CAM.

The main advantage and characteristics of LAG-RAINER CAM is certainly the "nesting"; the nesting is interactive, managed as a geometry and it is not related to the machine sequence.

For each job it is possible to reduce the percentage of scrap because all the blanks available can be used for the nesting. It is possible to define priorities among different blank sizes to choose from and change the orientation of the different parts to punch.

The open and modular structure of the LAG-RAINER CAM has great the advantage not to necessarily force the end user to the definition of the software when the machine is purchased; the software can in fact be easily upgraded when necessary.


    NX-1 NX-2 NX-3
Work range mm 2542 x 1310 2542 x 1564 3048 x 1564
Electrical punching force KN 200 300 300
Max sheet speed m/ 108 108 215
Max punching/nibbling rate hpm 430 / 870 430 / 870 500/ 900
Turret type   Orbital System Orbital System Orbital System
Turret stations NO. 16 - 18 16 - 18 18
Max. number of tools on turret  
(60 auto-index)
(60 auto-index)
(60 auto-index)
Index stations D/E type NO. 6 6 6
Tapping stations NO. 0 - 4 0 - 4 0 - 4
Axes interpolation   X - Y - C - Z X - Y - C - Z X - Y - C - Z
Sheet carriage   Internal  Frontal Frontal
Double Y-Axis system   - opz. standard
Sheet clamps NO. 2 - 3 autom. 2 - 3 autom. 2 - 3 autom.
Numerical control   B&R CNC system B&R CNC system B&R CNC system
Linear motor on X-axis   - - si / yes
Power consumption KWh 5 8 8

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