LAG Hydraulic Guillotine Shears

  • Monolithic structure
  • Innovative hydraulic system
  • Thrust of cylinders perfectly aligned with the blade carrier beam
  • Hold down units with proportional pressure self adjust
  • Blade carries beam guides along the entire cutting length
  • Ball screw back gauge
  • Squaring front support arm complete with disappearing gauge, rules and balls
  • “U” profile ball bench for sheet handling, balls and front support
  • front support with balls
  • blades with two cutting edges (with four on request)
  • LED lighting cutting line
  • CNC control mod. ESA 525 or DAC 310
  • Automatic setting, according to the material and its thickness, of:

* Blade gap (optional);
* Rake angle;
* Cutting length.

  • Anti twist device (optional)

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