LAG G-Top Press Brakes

LAG’s products represent a synthesis between the Italian technology innovation, attention to detail and design and the great Chinese production capacity. These values added with the best components in the world allow LAG to offer its customers the Press Brake with the best relationship between quality and price on the market.

  • G-FLEX deflection compensation system
  • G-CS active crowning system
  • Double pump: one for the machine and another one for the active crowning system
  • Safety system DSP AP
  • Touch screen control panel located on the eletrical box
  • Sliding motorized front supports
  • Numerical control CNC ESA 550 PC touch screen or Delem DA 66 T
  • Rear supports
  • 4 axes (X-R-Z1-Z2) back gauge system
  • Standard clamp Intermediate G-Block or Kyokko
  • One set of Rolleri tools
  • Heating exchanging system

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