GC Punching Machines

Constant, precisione and straightness of the cut
- Monolithic structure
- Innovative hydraulic system
- Thrust of cylinders perfectly aligned with the blade carrier beam
- Hold down units with proportional pressure self adjuste
- Blade carries beam guides along the entire cutting length
- Ball screw back gauge
- Squaring front support arm complete with disappearing gauge, rules and balls
- ā€œUā€ profile ball bench for sheet handling, balls and front support
- front support with balls
- blades with two cutting edges (with four on request)
- LED lighting cutting line
- CNC control mod. ESA 525 or DAC 310
- Automatic setting, according to the material and its thickness, of:

  • Blade gap (optional)
  • Rake angle
  • Cutting length

- Anti twist device (optional)

Innovative hydraulic system
The hydraulic system consists of hydraulic components of the highest European quality. It facilitates the operator in all the adjustments and settings required for the best quality of cut according to the size in thickness, length, width and types of material to be cut. The hydraulic system by self-regulation of the pressure reduces stress on the various components ensuring greater longevity to the shear.

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