A Brief Overview of the Punch Press Machine

Punch presses are machines that are used to cut pre-designed shapes into materials such as steel, aluminium, copper and sheet metals, there are various types of punch presses and these can range from a small manually operated punch machine to large industrial hydraulically driven punch machines.

As well as the size of the punch machine, the cut or what is known as the die set can vary enormously from the simplest of one circular shape to very complex die set designs allowing multiple shapes to be cut in a single operation.

The Different Designs of Punch Press Machines

There are also two major design differences to a punch press machine, the first being a C type press that consist of a bed plate that holds the die (sheet metal) in place with the use of T bolts, ensuring that there is no movement whilst the overhead is the hydraulic ram to drive home the cutter. The second type is the portal type frame also known as a bridge punch press machine, in this design the cutter or punch is integral to the frame that promotes reduced frame deflection or any distortion ensuring a clean and neat punch.

As well as the punch press machinery for the production and manufacture of parts and components from sheet metal, other machinery can also come into effect when working with sheet metal, such as bending machines for shaping, laser machines that can produce high precision cuts and scoring and shearing machines that are used in trimming sheets as well as applying bevelling. With all these types of sheet metal machinery, size can differ greatly from the smallest ideally for the garden shed hobbyist to multi station machines that are bigger than a double decker bus.

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