The automation of the machining cycles is of the utmost importance for the reduction of the production cost. For this reason Rainer has always given great importance to the automation systems.

Many different solutions are available: they range from the simplest and most compact automation systems up to the modular, open and configurable systems with selection and stacking capacity.

Fulcrum LK

The Fulcrum-LK is an ultra compact system to automate the machining operations with a simple, rational and ergonomical approach. And, above all, with an incredibly compact layout.

Fulcrum LX

Particularly interesting is the automation system Fulcrum-LX that may equip all Rainer punch press centers.

The compact and modular structure of the Fulcrum-LX allows to personalize the system according to the requirements of the End User at a very competitive price.

Fulcrum L

The Fulcrum-L is a modular system for loading, unloading and selection of parts. The parts unloading can be optimized in both the X and Y directions and not only in-line as in most commercial systems.

The Fulcrum-L is available in many different configurations and with the two unloading areas it is quite performing and flexible; in addition it can be easily personalized.

Fulcrum RS

The Fulcrum-RS is the solution for the most demanding requests of automation. The parts are unloaded nested and stacked practically without any limitations by means of a robot.

The Fulcrum-RS is the most advanced automation system available today.

The loading capacity may be furtherly increased with the automatic loading of a second stack of sheets. In this way it is possible to run jobs also with sheets of different size and material.

Also, the Tower Magazine can add further capacity to the system to run jobs without any limitation; a complete range of tower magazine is indeed available.