Rainer Eletek Punching Machines

Electric Ram

When it comes to punch press machines, Rainer Technology is one of the biggest names in the business. Punch Press Services are proud to offer you a selection of Rainer’s cutting-edge punching machines and tooling.

Using the latest Eletek technology, Rainer’s machines offer high levels of accuracy, speed and reliability. Their machines are capable of delivering the most advanced, demanding sheet metal punching requirements.

And with their impressive speed, reliability and low power consumption, buying a new Rainer punching machine is a great way to increase productivity – which, ultimately, will save you money.

Compact electric ram machines, hydraulic ram machines that can carry out the most advanced and complicated jobs, flexible automation machines capable of dealing with incredibly high volumes – with Rainer there’s sure to be a punch press machine that suits your needs.

Punch Press Services can help you choose the right Rainer machine for your business – so please take a look at the superb new punching machines on offer, and don’t hesitate to contact our knowledgeable team if you have any queries.